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Experience organic luxury on an island farm.

Villa NAI 3.3

A yacht moored forevermore

More of a landlubber or a sailing master?

Intoxicated by the scent of the sea and vast marine vistas

yet wanting to feel the earth beneath your feet?

Land Ho! Meet Villa Nai 3.3 – luxurious organic villa accommodations anchored on Dugi Otok Island.


Our Berth’s Location

Ahoy there! Villa Nai 3.3 is moored in a haven on the island of Dugi Otok, in the heart of Dalmatia, near the village of Žman. It offers a luxurious stay only a few minutes away from Telašćica Nature Park, its beaches and cliffs, olive groves, and Aleppo pine and oak forests.

You can sail across the Kornati Islands and glide in between 140 perfectly interlocked islets before returning to your lavish suite.

Villa Nai 3.3 sits in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, equidistant from Venice and Dubrovnik, two must-visit destinations.



Before casting its anchor in a natural refuge on Dugi Otok Island, Villa Nai 3.3 sailed close to the wind and endured a tremendous journey from a perfectly drawn geometrical blueprint to a property immersed in nature, unpretentious just like all other beauties adorning this island.

Architect Nikola Bašić harbored the main building, oil mill, and tasting room inside a hundred-year-old organic olive grove.

The facilities are built from stone harvested from the olive grove. The interiors feature designer furniture, flawlessly in sync with nature.


Premium Experience

Villa Nai 3.3 has 8 deluxe accommodations. Twenty-nine members of the villa crew learned the ropes, tasked only with making our guests feel comfortable on their delightful Dugi Otok journey.

Our Nai 3.3 olive oil is a multi-awarded and globally recognized Dalmatian olive oil.

It is made from impeccable fruit and handcrafted to every last drop.

Perfectionism is our trademark, and granularity is our guiding thought which is reflected in our exquisite cuisine.


Culinary Delights

Grotta 11,000 and 3.3, serve only the finest fare from local farms to the depths of the Adriatic, prepared according to traditional Dugi Otok Island recipes.

Our menus relive authentic culinary experiences enjoyed by ancient Dalmatians, including the first to live on this island – Šime.

The original Dugi Otok gourmand caught fish and savored oysters. Today, our culinary team prepares the same delicacies, paired with innovative techniques and modern flavors.


Authentic Experiences

The beauty of Dugi Otok Island put a spell on Šime 11,000 ago, which is why the first Dalmatian settled on this island. While exploring the island, experience the ambiance of the Vlakno Cave surroundings, hosting archaeological pearls from Paleolithic and Mesolithic times, prehistoric tools, and Šime’s skeleton. Take a moment to delve a little deeper into the mysteries engulfing the origin of our species, but don’t linger for too long.

Set sail with the offspring of the first commercial fishermen in the Adriatic. Discover why the oldest written evidence of fishing and fishing trade was found on Dugi Otok Island. This document is more than 1,000 years old.


Stick around and sail across the delightful sea to Villa Nai 3.3

Explore the beauties of Dugi Otok Island and its surroundings, then dock at our berth to spend the night in the ultimate natural luxury, as measured by The Leading Hotels of the World standards.


Architecture and Design

The conceptual design is thanks to renowned Croatian architect and academician Nikola Bašić, who managed to portray Villa Nai 3.3 unobtrusively, instead accepting and adapting to nature. By respecting the isohypse of the terrain, under its green roof, this unusual geometric building combines olive oil extraction and accommodation units in accordance with The Leading Hotels of the World standards. On the 40,000 sqm organic olive grove, you can find an olive oil production site, tasting room, and guest accommodations.


The walls are contrived from excavated stone. By using excavated materials, we have managed to avoid an increase in carbon dioxide emissions. Because we care about the environment, we have designed the building as an A+ energy class. When the construction process was complete, various Mediterranean plants were sown in the area of the facility surrounded by olive trees, fruit trees, and vegetable and herb gardens.


Olive oil grove
Reflecting pool
Olive press
Hydromassage pool
Airport transfers
Bedrock gardens
Seaside jetty
Water sports
spa experience
Swimming pool

Organic Farm

The pristine nature of Dugi Otok can be attributed to the historical and geographical lineage of the island. This seldom-found authentic location in the Mediterranean is ideally positioned for organic production. Dock your boat and stay for a few days, or even just for a meal, and delight in our farm-to-table promise of organically grown and controlled ingredients.


500-year-old Olive Grove

No other tree is as interlaced with human history as the olive tree.

In Christianity, the olive is a symbol of divine providence and care for people.

In Homeric poetry, the olive is a symbol of abundance and wealth, while olive oil is referred to as “liquid gold.”

In the Mediterranean, the olive is a source of pleasure, health, and flavor.

On Dugi Otok Island, the olive is a way of life.

Villa Nai 3.3 is encompassed by a 500-year-old olive grove. One of the secrets behind the exquisite taste of our multi-award-winning olive oil is the early harvest of 100-year-old olives and young olives processed on the same day.

Our olive oil is produced in compliance with the most rigorous organic standards. We have an oil mill and production, and proudly organize Olive Oil Days in our olive grove, including an olive oil tasting, olive harvest, themed dinners, olive growers’ gatherings, various lectures, and many pleasant get-togethers.


Nai 3.3 – Multi-Award-Winning Dalmatian Olive Oil

Every drop of Nai 3.3 Olive Oil is created by hand. This olive oil is crafted from handpicked fruit processed the very same day. The olives are separated from the stems, and any defective or bruised fruit is discarded from the production process. The Nai 3.3 Olive Oil flavor can only be ascribed to unflawed, healthy, and intact olives.

Our Nai 3.3 Olive Oil is the world’s most celebrated Dalmatian olive oil. Its quality has been acknowledged by several globally prestigious awards.

When you decide to set sail across the delightful sea to our Villa Nai 3.3, you will be wrapped by trees cherishing memories of centennial winters and innumerable summers on our island. And while sitting on your patio gazing at the starriest night sky in the Adriatic, you can listen to the rustling leaves of our olive trees and the stories they have to tell.