Gourmet Experience


Intimacy, freedom, food products from our very own organic production.

Grotta 11 000

The name Grota 11 000 pays tribute to the oldest Dalmatian, a caveman Šime who lived in the caves on the Island of Dugi Otok 11 000 years ago. Grotta 11 000 is a culinary and ambient ode to our forefathers, to this island, to the food in its most primeval form and to the fire. The food at Grotta 11 000 is prepared from our own ingredients: the vegetables grown under the warm Mediterranean sun on the organically clean soil of this island, the meat from family farms and the invincible Adriatic fish and seafood. The meals are cooked over an open fire: on a charcoal grill or in the hearth oven.

Grotta 11 000 is seated under the sun and the stars, in the stone. The alluring scents and flavors of food made over the fire will tempt your taste buds. You will have to step into this world of joy and peace, and reconnect with nature and with yourself. Set your sails and embark on this journey chock-a-block with authentic gastro delights.


The 3.3 gourmet experience offers fancy dining courses paired with wines picked meticulously from our comprehensive wine list, and a spectacular, irresistible view over the olive grove and the sea. 

The 3.3 extensive menu features modern, carefully considered and sophisticated versions of local flavors enhanced by our globally recognized olive oil. Our creative team of chefs zestfully taps into the ingredients from their close surroundings – the fish and seafood from the crystal clear Adriatic sea, the vegetables and fruits from our own garden and orchard – to create matchless meals of exceptionally coupled flavors, scents and appearance.    

“We consider it our privilege and inspiration to be able to create meals amidst an olive grove that every year breeds a leading olive oil in the world,” our gastro team reveals in unison. 

“For us, tasting meals made with such olive oil as a key ingredient is an unbeatable experience.”

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Lobby bar & cigar room

With welcoming atmosphere and music, the Lobby Bar invites you throughout the day to come on board. Step inside to enjoy the taste of best organic coffee, to have some cocktail refreshments or a glass of premium quality or sparkling wine, or just to take a sip of your favorite drink from our versatile and broad selection of tempting drinks. Bottoms up!

Look for your favorite cigar at the Cigar Room and its humidors. The lovers of peace and quiet and authenticity can retreat to a completely secluded outdoor area, protected and surrounded by a stone garden.


At the Villa Nai 3.3 you will never have to be between the devil and the deep blue sea. You will only be able to relax and enjoy every moment of your stay with us to the fullest. Let us take the wheel, all hands on deck, and run a tight ship for you through thick and thin. We will never leave you high and dry.