Gourmet experience

Gourmet experience

Intimacy, freedom, and food products from our organic production

For any special dietary preferences or requirements, our team is delighted to personalize your dining experience to ensure a memorable and satisfying stay.
Please have in mind that phone reservations are available from 10 am to 6 pm CET.

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Grotta 11 000

A culinary homage to ancient traditions and the Mediterranean

Grota 11 000, named in honor of the ancient Dalmatian caveman Šime, who lived in the caves on Dugi Otok 11 000 years ago, pays homage to our forefathers, the island, and primal cuisine. Using ingredients cultivated under the Mediterranean sun and watered with desalinated water, sourced from family farms, our meals, featuring invincible Adriatic fish and seafood, are cooked over open flames — charcoal grills or hearth ovens.

Seated under the sun and stars within stone walls, Grota 11 000 offers the enticing scents and flavors of fire-cooked cuisine. Immerse yourself in this world of joy and peace, where authentic gastronomic delights beckon you to reconnect with nature and yourself. Set sail on a journey brimming with culinary authenticity.

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Gourmet experience in the middle of olive groves by the sea

The 3.3 gourmet experience offers exquisite dining courses with meticulously paired wines, accompanied by a captivating view over the olive grove and sea. Our extensive menu presents modern, sophisticated versions of local flavors elevated by our globally recognized olive oil. Using ingredients from the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea and our garden, in which we use hummus made from natural materials resulting from olive pruning and olive oil production, our creative chefs craft unparalleled meals with exceptional flavors, scents, and presentations.

Our privilege and inspiration lie in creating meals amid an olive grove that yields world-renowned olive oil each year.

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Lobby Bar 
& Cigar Room

Organic coffee, premium wines, and tranquil retreats

Experience a welcoming ambiance at the Lobby Bar, beckoning you to come aboard throughout the day. Indulge in the finest organic coffee, refreshing cocktails, premium wines of Croatia and the Old World, or your preferred drink from our diverse selection. Cheers!

Discover your favorite cigar in the Cigar Room’s humidors. For those seeking peace and authenticity, retreat to a secluded outdoor area surrounded by a stone garden.

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Global awards and recognitions for Nai 3.3 olive oil



Important note:

  • adults-only Hotel, children are welcome from 12 years and above
  • pets are not allowed