Indulge in an exclusive wellness experience

Explore our exclusive spa center offerings and delve into the intricate technical details that set us apart. Our spa center is designed with your ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation in mind, featuring a wide range of luxurious treatments and state-of-the-art facilities.


Indulge in pure luxury and nature

Enjoy a wellness heaven with a small outdoor gym, consisting of everything you’ll need for a quick workout. Breathe in the refreshing island air while staying active or meditate in our beautiful garden.

Indulge in our spa, where revitalizing treatments utilize unique products, such as olive paste, from our olives and olive oil. Our spa blends cutting-edge technology with traditional Balinese and Thai massages and cold plasma treatments for body and soul regeneration. Or you can just enjoy our Finnish sauna.

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Bask in sunlit waters with our indoor and outdoor pools

Immerse yourself in nature with our exceptional 23-meter-long outdoor infinity swimming pool, surrounded by our olive grove and overlooking the sea and islands. The saltwater pool aligns with our organic philosophy. Inside, the indoor swimming pool serves as a tranquil grotto, allowing you to float in saltwater and bask in the lingering sun rays through the skylight, providing a meditative and soothing experience for your well-being.


For sport lovers

For sports lovers, we serve up unforgettable moments on our private tennis court, where every match is a perfect blend of leisure and luxury, creating memories that ace the test of time.

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Important note:

  • adults-only Hotel, children are welcome from 12 years and above
  • pets are not allowed